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Since 1998 Chip Feise Location Photography (founded in 1987), has created "digital" photographic content for world wide publication.

We helped pioneer the showcasing of  corporate, philanthropic and other special events on the web using digital cameras for image capture and web publication for global display. Please read my "about" section then have a look around my site as numerous samples are displayed.

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                                                                                        © Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                               Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself...

                                                                                              (Nikon D1 + 20mmf2.8 Nikkor ISO200)


Thank you to all  who have visited CFLP.com. I hope my samples  inspire you to do great things in your personal/professional photography. You don't need the latest-greatest camera, computer, or software to create your coolest images. Your unique vision & imagination is all you really need. Good shooting in 2017!

CFLP.com now has visitors from 157 countries in the world. Welcome to visitors from Guam! Photography is a global passion!

Peace & Love to you all!

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                                                                World Terrorism 2017

                                                                 ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                 Abstract Hands #49

                                                       ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                      Untitled 1F2

                                                                        ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                         Happiness is being warm...

                                                                                   ©2001 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.08.17: Candid street shooting can yield wonderful images. The above image was captured during a parade, on a cold day, with a Kodak DCS 620 digital camera fitted with a 80-200mm f2.8 zoom telephoto lens.

                                                                  Complexity of Color

                                                                   ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                 The Palm Reader

                                                             ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                     The Joy of Life

                                                                   ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                        2017... WOW

                                                ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP


01.12.17: This is a great image to start off the new year because it was created using both Gimp & Photoshop software along with a lot of imagination thrown in. The original image was a simple shot of a county fair food booth. Use your imagination in 2017!

                                                               Faux Light Painting



01.08.17: Try "LightPainting" your images by using the "Render" filter tool in PhotoShop. I would suggest using the "omni" light. And you should make several duplicates of the original image so that different areas can be lit with the omni spotlight. Then using layers and the eraser tool you can combine all the images into a final image. The result can be interesting!

                                                                        (All images above ©2017 Chip Feise/CFLP)

                                                                  Polarizing with GIMP

                                                                           ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


12.18.16: The above image was created using the software GIMP which can be downloaded for free. I tried the "Polar Coordinates" filter to see how it compared to that same filter in Photoshop. Wow...somewhat similar but each produces its own unique look. Conclusion...have both Photoshop & GIMP on your computer!

                                                                          The Lost

                                                        ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                            GIMP + Photoshop=WoW

                                                                          ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


12.03.16: The one-two punch! First I ran the basic digital photo through GIMP and then took that output and "Flip-Flopped" it in Photoshop. Finally I added a couple of "finishing" touches to the background to create the image above.

                                                                  The Purple House

                                                                          ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


12.02.16: Imagination + The White House = The Purple House! Einstein would have approved this equation.

                                                                        Polar 99-22

                                                                    ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


12.02.16: Wow, I finally tried out a very cool software program called GIMP. I know its been out for a while but I have been to lazy to try it. Big mistake! GIMP has all sorts of cool filters & a cool interface. The above image started as a simple capture of a window in a museum. And then I "Gimped" it. Even if you have Photoshop you might consider getting this software too. And then you can "GIMP" your images...just a thought!

                                                                Polar Office Building

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


11.27.16: Believe it or not this image started off as a simple shot of an office building. It was flip-flopped then run through the "polar process." WoW!

                                                                           Polar 99

                                                                   ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                    Polar Fire Works

                                                            ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                       Polar Worlds

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                         New World Order Eye of Doom

                                                                 ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                                                       Like your cell phone, its always watching you!

                                                                  Thought Process

                                                      ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                     Polar Clouds 3

                                                                    ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


11.08.16: This image started off as a straight picture of Fall clouds. It was then run through the human brain imagination machine. WoW!

                                                            Polar Color Universe 2

                                                         ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


11.07.16: Image below (Polar Color Universe) + more experimentation = image above!  Before you blow more money on software/computers/camera equipment try exploring your imagination...

                                                               Polar Color Universe 

                                                               ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                   Evil Eyes of the New World Order

                                                                 ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                  Polar Roaches

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


11.05.16: Nothing better than injecting a little biology into this bloody insanity. So I give you a loving tribute to the much maligned cockroach. Many of the ones living here in Washington DC can actually stand up on 2 legs. WOW!

                                                             Polar Color Burst #2 

                                                                  ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                     Think Tank

                                                           ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                 Tech Ware Rising

                                                                  ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                      Autumn Time

                                                            ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.16.16: Autumn time is here. Get out outside with a short telephoto lens and capture some of nature's most beautiful colors!


                                                                 ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.11.16: We remember those Americans who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks in NYC, Washington DC and Pennsylvania on this date 15 years ago.

                                                                    Polar Pop Dots

                                                                  ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.03.16: What started out as a simple photo of a CD disk was transformed, first in the human imagination then in PhotoShop, into the cool image above.

                                                                                                   Polar Matsui Pop

                                                                ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.29.16: World Jazz Icon Keiko Matsui is "polarized" then placed into a "Pop Art" background.

                                                           Polarized Fair Dolphins

                                                          ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.22.16: The above image started as a digital capture of some Fair blow up toys. The resulting image was then "flip-flopped" onto a new canvas which was then "polarized" in PhotoShop. WoW!

                                                             Polaroid Ice Butterflies

                                                                 ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.20.16: Here is an example of a "flip-flop" using an old Polaroid SX70 print. The resulting image almost looks like creatures from outer space!

                                                                Polar Black Dots#6 

                                                                   ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.17.16: Imagination & the use of the Polar Coordinates filter in PhotoShop can lead to some cool imagery. Unknown to many & rarely used, this one filter can unlock countless creative possibilities.

                                                                 CDs #58 Flip-Flop

                                                           ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.15.16: The above image started out as a simple capture of a CD disk whose background color was changed in PhotoShop prior to the image being flip-flopped onto a new canvas. The image below is a result of applying the "Polarization" process to the above image & adding a white outer glow. You can create stunning "wall art".  Try it!

                                                                    Polar CDs # 58

                                                                         ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

Questions about the above techniques? Email me at  cflp007usa@yahoo.com 

                                                                    Global Color Riot

                                                                           ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.07.16: A simple photo/graphic combination is transformed into a "Pop Color Riot" by using the Polar Coordinates filter in PhotoShop. Simple techniques can lead to extraordinary results. Every image displayed on this site started as a simple photograph. So...in the 21st Century be more than just a photographer... be an image creator!

                                                           Intercellular Communications

                                                                           ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


08.03.16: E=MC²  What more is there?

                                                            Office Skylight Abstract

                                                     ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


08.02.16: A simple image of a skylight, in an office building, is flip-flopped (PhotoShop) into an "X" abstract.

                                                           Caged Walkway Fantasy

                                               ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


08.01.16: A wire fenced walkway between two buildings became a cool abstract when the original digital capture was flip-flopped onto a new canvas in PhotoShop. Try flip-flopping your images!

                                                              TechWorld Abstract

                                   ©2009 Chip Feise/CFLP


07.29.16: Back in the nineties a "High Technology" center was built in downtown Washington DC. It was a cool looking blue glass panel building named Tech World. Originally, I photographed it for advertising usage. In 2009 I decided to visit the site once again & from that shoot created a 2 panel flip-flop abstract of the building (above). The original hue/color of the image was changed in PhotoShop.

                                                              Architectural Fantasy #3

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


07.26.16: More summer fun above...


                                                                    The Orange Devil

                                                                  ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


07.24.16: Let your imagination soar this summer!

                                                                Blue Clown Triptych



07.09.16: One image whose Hue was altered in PhotoShop (2 dupe images) then posted as a trio. WoW!

                                      (Original Blue Clown image ©2004 Chip Feise/CFLP  Blue Clown Trio ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP  All Rights Reserved)

                                                                         Polar Arms

                                                                    ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


07.08.16: Another version of this image can be found 14 images below (Polar Hands).

                                                                     Polar Oven Knob 

                                                                           ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


07.06.16: More "Polar" craziness above and here!

                                                              Stair Railing Flip-Flop

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


07.05.16: Stair railing shot against a deep blue sky is turned into a cool "flip-flop" abstract!

                                                              Street Grate Flip-Flop

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


07.05.16: Here we have a simple image of a street grate that was "flip-flopped" in Photoshop, color was adjusted/intensified, and then a graphic element was added.  Amazing images can result when you do the "flip-flop."

                                           National Gallery of Art - East Wing Flip-Flop

                                                            ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.25.16: A exterior section of the museum was photographed then "flip-flopped" on a new canvas in Photoshop to give this abstract architectural image.

                                                                 Polar Clock Tower

                                                            ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.25.16: A downtown bank's clock tower is polarized! Your imagination is more important then your camera, computer, or software.

                                                             Polar Glass Architecture

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

06.24.16: This image started off as a simple capture of a section of a glass panel office building. The captured image was then "flip-flopped" onto a blank canvas in Photoshop. The resulting image was then "polarized" and given a slight blue glow. WoW!

                                                              Scuba Tanks Flip-Flop

                                                             ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.23.16: Take an image and flip-flop it on a blank canvas in Photoshop and you get a cool abstract like the scuba tanks above.

                                                              Polar Cherry Blossoms II

                                                                 ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.23.16: Polarizing flower images makes for cool abstracts!

                                                                Polar Sunset Crowd

                                                                   ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.23.16: A crowd photographed at sunset gets "polarized"!

                                                                  Polar Street Lights

                                                                    ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.22.16: Simple street lights photographed at sunset are turned into a cool abstract using the "polar coordinates" filter in Photoshop.

                                                                  Polar Water Faucet

                                                       ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.19.16: An digital capture of an old water faucet was "flip-flopped" then "polarized" in Photoshop to give the above image. A few blue & yellow flashes were added last.

                                                                     Code Of Life

                                                                 ©2006 Chip Feise/CFLP

06.10.16: The above image started as a simple capture of some thin window blinds with a Nikon D1 digital camera. Square "buttons" were created in Photoshop and layered on top of the blinds image to which some blue color had been added. I created the image for a client to represent the "Code of Life." Again human imagination was more important in this image's creation than was the camera, lens, computer, or software.

                                                                       Flowers 1

                                                            ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


06.09.16: The above image is a very simple hand held shot. The aperture of the taking lens was set wide open so that focus could be limited to the very front of the flowers. The camera was hand held at a slow shutter speed so as to introduce a bit of camera shake/blur to the overall image. A bit of "color" was added in Photoshop.

                                                                       Polar Hands

                                                                   ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                   Polar Rush Hour

                                                                         ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


04.23.16: A simple shot of late afternoon rush traffic is turned into a cool abstract!

                                                    Polar Clouds #38 - The End of Time

                                                                    ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                        Hollywood Style Glamour Portrait

                                                                              ©1989 Chip Feise/CFLP


01.23.16: Can you believe that this gorgeous image was created in my home studio (apartment living room) using only 2 lights? Yes that is right! You see I use to do a good deal of client test shots in my "home studio". 

For this particular image, I lit Alexis with 2 spot lights (Broncolor Impacts with grids). One spot light was aimed at the wall behind her, from the right, and the other was aimed, from the left, at her face. I used a 30" X 40" white foam core board to the right of her to bounce some light back into the right side of her face so as to fill in the hard shadow under her chin a little bit. WOW!

Hey guess what?  You don't need a $50,000 studio with thousands of dollars worth of lighting equipment to create professional images like the one above. You just need some ingenuity. I could have used a couple of cheap outdoor garden spotlights to achieve the image above but lucky for me I was able to borrow the lights from my 1st assistant (thanks).

The point of this post?  Don't ever feel that you can't achieve great results because you can't afford expensive equipment. Use your imagination & brain power to work out a solution using what you have, can make, or can borrow to realize your vision. BTW study the work of legendary Hollywood photographer George Hurrell. He used dramatic spot lighting to achieve his iconic imagery.

                                                                  Polar Fire Storm 1

                                                                         ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP


01.21.16: What started as a simple shot of flames in a fireplace, turned into a cool polar abstract.

                                                                        Fantasy #31

                                                               ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                                   Let your imagination run wild in 2016!

                                                      Ice Abstracts by Polaroid SX70 


01.16.16: The above images were captured during the Winter of 1977 using a Polaroid SX70 camera. These ice formations were found in a creek bed near a wildlife center. Since the temperature was around freezing, a portable hair dryer was used to heat the SX70 film so it would develop as normal as possible. Image people starring at me while I applied the hair dryer to the prints! Now 39 years later, the resulting images have been scanned and touched up a bit in PhotoShop. Old technology captured some cool images! 

All images above ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP  All Rights Reserved

                                                                    SX 70 Portrait


01.16.16: Back in the early nineties I got a assignment to photograph participants in a promotional hair show. The client wanted each person, who had their hair styled, to be photographed & receive an "instant" print during the event. The client also wanted "studio" style lighting...no on camera flash!  Of course this was long before digital cameras or instant digital printing was available. So...I collaborated with a very creative photographer who owned a Polaroid SX 70 camera and together we figured out how to sync it up with my Dynalite strobes so that the "glamour" lighting on each participant would be consistent. The above is a test shot I did of "Annie" prior to the actual assignment. Of course it has been cleaned up just a wee bit in PhotoShop. Not only was it a great "test shot" but I think it makes for a cool portrait too!

Image above ©2016 Chip Feise/CFLP  All Rights Reserved

                                                                     Majestic Spirals

                                                            ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP


12.12.15: Who would think that a simple image of a curved piece of polished metal, when flip-flopped onto a blank canvas in Photoshop (using Layers) could result in such a cool image. That is what flip flopping is all about. So Flip-Flop + your imagination = WOW!


                                                Polar Navy Memorial - Washington D.C.

                                                                    ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                       Abstract #89

                                                ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP

12.07.15: A simple shot of some leaves through heavy saturation & "Flip-Flopping" in PhotoShop turned into an image with "painterly" qualities. 

                                                                        Dream #49

                                                                                      ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                              Make the images of your dreams come to life!

                                                                       Violent Wind

                                                             ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                                                    Polar Street Lamp

                                                                         ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP


11.28.15: A simple up shot of a street/traffic light at dusk was transformed into a "polar" image using ancient Photoshop7.

                                                                  Simple Still-Life

                                                                   ©1980 Chip Feise/CFLP

11.12.15: The above image was produced for editorial use back in 1980 using a Nikon F3HP + 55mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor lens and Kodachrome 64 film. A "toy" gun was placed flat on a sheet of white translucent Plexiglas with one strobe light placed underneath aimed upward. Red food coloring was mixed with glycerin for the "blood" spill and it was carefully poured onto the surface of the Plexiglas so it appeared to be coming out of the gun's barrel. The "blood" spill was not created in a perfect uniform way so it would look like drying blood. Many times strong images can be made with a few simple props, simple lighting and a strong imagination. 

Another example is the image below. 

                                                                                               ©1989 Chip Feise/CFLP

A perfume bottle was placed on a piece of dark glass. A piece of white poster board was taped to one side of the glass, curved over the top of the bottle and taped to the other side of the glass. One strobe light was aimed at a white background (white wall) and positioned so it also hit the back curved part of the poster board. A Nikon F3HP with 55mmf2,8 Micro Nikkor was lowered (on a tripod) so that a reflection of the bottle was obtained in the dark glass. The image was captured on Kodachrome 64 film. Again simple props/lighting lead to an interesting image. You don't need to spend tons of money on props or lighting. You just need to use your imagination!

                                                             Old Subject - New Twist

                                                              ©2001 Chip Feise/CFLP

05.30.15: The U.S. Capitol building in Washington DC has been photographed millions of time. The above image was created by placing a plastic magnifying glass, with a hole cut out in its center, in front of the camera lens. This  could be a "WOW" image for some or a "DUD" for others. Try shooting a much photographed subject in a different way...your way. BTW, this image was captured with an ancient Nikon D1 digital camera with only 2.7 mega-pixels!

                                                             Old Fashion Creativity...

                                                ©Chip Feise/CFLP

05.09.15: Before there was PhotoShop, we created compelling images using lighting & color filters/lighting gels. A blue filter was placed before the camera lens to create a dusk effect for the satellite dishes image. Three small spotlights, one with a red gel & another with a blue gel were used to light the micro hybrid circuit image. Finally blue & red gels were taped to the back of a translucent circuit board and a spot light was shined through the back of it. Three simple solutions for creating cool images. Remember your imagination is far more powerful than any imaging software program!

                                                              Polar Nerve Synapses

                                                                        ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP

05.08.15: This image was created to illustrate nerve synapses with in the human brain. It actually is an image of a pinball machine that was captured using a very slow shutter speed & then given the CFLP polarization treatment. The original image was captured with a "dinosaur" Nikon D1 digital SLR :-).

                                                                        Polar Aliens

                                                                           ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP

05.03.15: More crazy "polar" images from CFLP! Scroll below to view more examples.

                                                                  Fair Rides Flip-Flop

                                                             ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.18.15: The image above resulted from flip-flopping an image of the tops of fair rides captured at dusk during the local county fair. Fair rides at dusk make for cool images. Use PhotoShop to flip-flop the image on a new canvas. Flip-flopping images can lead to psychedelic fun!

                                                      Polar WW II Memorial Column

                                                                           ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.17.15: If you are visiting Washington D.C. be sure to visit the World War II Memorial on 17th St across from the Washington Monument. There are many photo opportunities there especially during late afternoon or dusk. The image above is a simple one of the columns that has had the CFLP polar effect applied to it.

                                                                 Polar Fair Games

                                                                         ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.13.15: Spring is here & Summer is not far behind. Traveling carnivals/fairs are popping up all over. Grab your camera & head to one as terrific picture possibilities exist. After you capture your images try different treatments using various image editing software programs. The above image, of a fair game booth, was captured with an ancient Nikon Coolpix E100 digital camera then given the CFLP polarization treatment using PhotoShop. Cool?

                                                               Polar Cherry Blossoms

                                                                    ©2013-15 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.12.15: Right now thousands of "cherry blossom" photos have been taken these past 2 weeks in Washington DC. Today is the last day of the National Cherry Blossom Festival*. Here is a non traditional view of these famous "cherry blossoms" using the CFLP polarization technique. Whenever you find yourself in a "tourist hotspot" try using a "new" tool in your camera bag...your imagination. You should be able to capture & present a fresh new viewpoint of a much photographed subject. 

                                                                          Leaf In Ice

                                                                    ©2004 Chip Feise/CFLP

01.19.15: A simple shot captured on a cold winter day. The color was slightly enhanced in PhotoShop. Cool images can be captured during winter. Ice formations make for especially cool subjects!

                                                                                           (Nikon D1 + 60mmf2.8 AFD Micro Nikkor ISO 200) 

                                                                  Polar Kennedy Center

                                                                             ©2015 Chip Feise/CFLP

01.13.15: Above is a image of the famous Kennedy Center* in Washington D.C. which has been given the cool CFLP "polarization" treatment. Remember as you create images in 2015 that imagination trumps all else!

                                                                                         (Nikon D2H + 12-24mmf4 AFD Zoom Nikkor ISO 200)

                                              "Mayor for Life"...Marion Barry 1936-2014

                                                                           ©1998 Chip Feise/CFLP

11.23.14: This morning former Washington D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry*, passed away peacefully with his fourth wife Cora Masters Barry* (pictured above) by his side. Nicknamed "Mayor for Life", Marion Barry* leaves behind an unforgettable legacy & will be especially missed by residents of Ward 8 for it was he that got them jobs & gave them hope for a better future. A true icon of Washington DC... RIP Marion!

                                                                                                     (CoolPix 900S with SB26 Flash)


                                           Kurdistan People to ISIS...We will defeat you!

                                                  ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

10.18.14: Today, at the White House, Kurdish people marched to show support for Kurdish fighters in Kurdistan  Syria who have been courageously defending Kobani from ISIS attack, with very little help from the International Community which they call "shameful". Although thankful for air strikes* provided by the United States, they let it be known that air strikes* alone would not be enough to stop ISIS as their heroic fighters (civilian men & women) are "outgunned" by ISIS due to the fact that ISIS has looted sophisticated weapons left behind by US forces pulling out of Iraq. In short they need modern weapons & support from the international community in order to defeat ISIS! This is just not a problem for the Kurds but for humanity. ISIS must be destroyed!

Their face book page is at... http://www.facebook.com/events/1562629177302401/

*As of 10/18/14 Kurdish Commanders in Kobani, noted that US air strikes had little effect on ISIS in that region.



                            (Images above ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved  Nikon D2H + 12-24mmf4 or 60mmf2.8 AFD Nikkors + SB800 flash ISO200)

                                                                Scanned Cellophane

                                                                                       ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

10.13.14: A great idea for a "rainy day" project is to scan various items on a flatbed scanner to see what cool images you can create. The image above was created by placing crumpled cellophane on a flatbed scanner & then importing the image into PhotoShop to make final density & color saturation edits. Please note that you can move the object in sync with the scanner bar as it is actually scanning which will give really wild images. Scroll down this page to view the crayon box image that was done this way. One word of caution, be careful when moving objects on the scanner not to scratch up the glass scanner plate.

                                                    Fall Skies = Great Sunsets/Sunrises

                                                               ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.28.14: Now that it is officially Fall (US & Canada) you should be ready to capture spectacular skies with your camera. Shoot, if possible, using the "raw" mode of your digital camera so you can make exposure & color saturation adjustments in post capture software. And, don't forget to change your white balance setting from "Auto" to "Daylight" so that the warm reds & yellows of sunsets/sunrises are preserved not neutralized.

                                                                                 ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

The 2013 sunrise above was captured with a Nikon E100 CoolPix camera. Not bad for Nikon's ancient digital camera. It really does not matter what digital camera you use just get out there and use it!

                                                               Ice Bubbles Universe

                                                             ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.17.14: A simple image of ice bubbles that had formed on the street was flip-flopped on a single canvas in PhotoShop to give the above image. It looks like a symmetrical universe?

Now add the image of the "Polar Escalator" to this image and you get the cool abstract below. Again these are two different images only separated in time & space by your imagination.

                                                             ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP


                                                                       Polar Flowers

                                                                           ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.17.14: Here is a polarized "Flip-Flop" image. A simple image of some flowers was flip-flopped in PhotoShop. The final image above was created in PhotoShop by polarizing the "Flip-Flop" image. The color saturation was increased and a gradient background was created. Again the imagination played the key role in the creation of this cool abstract.

                                                                      Polar Escalator

                                                                     ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP


09.16.14: The above image started as a "Flip-Flop" of a digital capture of an escalator. The "Flip-Flop" image was then polarized. Finally an inner glow was added as well as yellow glow-dots and red lines.

                                                        Polar Merry Go Round Head

                                                                        ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.06.14: Just another polar treatment of an image using old software & computer but always a fresh/new imagination.

                                                                                     (Nikon D2H + 60mmf2.8AFD Micro Nikkor ISO 400)

                                                              Polar Pershing Park

                                                          ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.30.14: Just one block from the White House is a small park named after General "Black Jack" Pershing. To create the above image a 180 panorama was first created and then it was given the polar treatment in PhotoShop. Polarizing panoramas can lead to surprising results. Try it!

                                                        Polar Ferris Wheel Fantasy 1

                                              ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.23.14: Take an image of a Ferris wheel, flip-flop it then apply the polar coordinates filter to it in PhotoShop and you get the image above. Looks like an LSD trip for the human eye!

                                                                                      (Nikon D2H + 60mmf2.8AFD Micro Nikkor ISO400)

                                                       Polar Frozen Daiquiris Booth

                                                                 ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.18.14: Signage on top of a fair vending booth takes on a cool look when polarized. Sometimes the most mundane subject becomes something extra when the image file is polarized. Try it!

                                                                                 (Nikon D2H + 60mmf2.8AFD Macro Nikkor ISO200)

                                                                 Polar Fair Ride 33

                                                            ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.17.14: Polarize an image you captured at this year's county/state fair and maybe you will create something cool.

                                                                                        (Nikon D2H + 12-24mmf4 AFD Nikkor ISO200)              

                                                       Symphony of the Imagination



08.11.14: The images above were created in-camera the other night at the 2014 Arlington County Fair* (Virginia-USA). The subject was a Ferris Wheel and the camera used was an old Nikon D2H* fitted with a 60mm f2.8 AFD Macro Nikkor* lens. The shooting technique was simple..."shake, rattle, & roll" the camera during exposures ranging from 1/2sec to approx 2 seconds at f11-22. The point here is that you only need your imagination and a willingness to experiment with how you use your camera to capture images in order to create cool images. Albert Einstein* said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

                                                                              (Images above ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP  All Rights Reserve

                                                                      Blue Rocks #3

                                                              ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

07.29.14: Digital capture + Human Imagination = Blue Rocks #3.

                                                                       Polar Giraffe

                                                                           ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

07.28.14: There is nothing cooler than visiting your local Zoo, capturing some interesting snaps, then "polarizing" some of them to create far out  "Polar Portraits." Hey the National Zoo* (Washington DC) giraffe pictured above, thought it was very cooooool!

                                                                     Remote Flip-Flop

                                                                 ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

07.12.14: An old TV remote was photographed close-up using late afternoon light coming through a window. The resulting image was then imported into Photoshop 7 and flip-flopped using Layers to give the above image. Flip flopping the same image can create interesting abstract images. Try it!

                                                                         (Nikon D2H + 60mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor AFD ISO 200)

                                                                                YOU !

                                                                 ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

06.20.14: Take a simple white keyboard, add a bit of color then a wee amount of posterization and like wow you have "YOU".

                                                             Psychedelic Spaghetti

                                                             ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

06.02.14: Nothing better than a plate of psychedelic spaghetti for dinner! The above image was created using the "Flip-Flop" technique. Groovy Man!

                                                                   Polar Abstract 41

                                                                  ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

05.04.14: More fun with the "Polar" technique as shown above...

                                                              Sculpture Flip-Flop


04.28.14: Originally captured with a Nikon D1 DSLR, an image of a sculpture outside the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art Complex in Washington D.C. was then imported into Photoshop and flip-flopped onto a new canvas to create the above image. Flip-flopping can lead to some cool images!

                                    (Original image ©2000 Chip Feise/CFLP Nikon D1 + 20mmf2.8 Nikkor ISO 200 - Above image ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP)

                                                   Polar National Arboretum Columns

                                                                  ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP


04.23.14: Above is a "polar" treatment of the columns at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C.

                                                                 Polar U.S. Capitol

                                                                        ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.22.14: Above is a "polarized" view of the west side of the U.S. Capitol from its reflective pool. The contrast of this image was increased by using the Unsharp Mask filter in PhotoShop and not Levels. When using Unsharp Mask set the "Amount" to a low number like 35% & the "Threshold" to about 1 level. Now set the "Radius" to around 20-35pixels depending on the amount of contrast effect you like. Its the "Radius" number that will cause an increase/decrease in image contrast. I believe this should work in all versions of PhotoShop & Photo Elements.

                                                                    Polar Columns

                                                                  ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.20.14: This image, of the columns at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC, was first captured in late afternoon light then imported into PhotoShop where it was given the polarization treatment. The resulting image is very unique considering that tourists snap thousands of images of this memorial every year. Think outside the box!

                                                                        Building 81

                                                           ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.20.14: A dramatic architectural image is turned into a "wow" abstract using the Flip-Flop & Polar techniques.

                                                               Clouds Over Water 79

                                                                          ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.13.14: The human imagination with all its complexities, when expressed by the zeros & ones of computer logic, can yield some really cool imagery. Let your imagination fly!

                                                                                                            (Human Brain 2.0)

                                                             Flatbed Scanner Cool

03.30.14: Got an old flatbed scanner? Try scanning objects on it to create cool images. The above crayon box was moved on top of the glass plate in sync with the scanner bar during the scanning process. The "raw" image was imported into Photoshop and the background was darkened to black and a purple glow added. Not all images need to come from a digital camera. Explore your imagination!

                                                                                           (Image above©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP) 

                                                Retro Digital - Kodak DC120 Panorama

                                  ©1998Chip Feise/CFLP

03.29.14: The panorama above was created by using Live Picture's Photo Vista software to stitch together individual vertical images captured by a 1 MP Kodak DC 120 digital camera. This was created in 1998 and was quite an accomplishment during those early days of digital photography. Of course today with modern cameras & software, panoramic images can be created more easily and have better image quality. Back in 1998 this image was just fine for editorial publication on the web.


                                                                             ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

03.25.14: Swampland was created by flip-flopping an original image captured by the Nikon CoolPix E100. That image was imported into PhotoShop7 flip-flopped on a blank canvas, tinted blue and then the "wave" filter was applied to the lower half of the image to give it a watery look. Try the CFLP flip-flop technique...create some cool images!

                                                    Retro Digital-Kodak DCS 620 images 

                                                ©2002 Chip Feise/CFLP

03.23.14: The nature images above were captured in 2002 with a Kodak DCS 620 digital camera. Many called the Kodak DCS DSLRs "beasts" because they were large & heavy. But they became the go to digital cameras for news & advertising photographers. Even though the sensor in the DCS 620 was only 2MP, the camera was capable of producing excellent images.

                                                                              (Kodak DCS 620 camera with 80-200mm f2.8 AFD Nikkor lens)

                                                                   Polar Dragons 2 

                                                                          ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

03.21.14: Above is a "polarized" version of a carnival ride image captured last Summer at a local county fair. Although landscapes & interiors make the coolest polar images, many other subjects work too. Scroll down this page for other examples.

                                                                                      (Nikon D2H with 12-24mm f4 AFD Nikkor lens ISO 200)

                                                                        Motion Blur

                                                               ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

03.20.14: Motion blur is easy to accomplish as in the image above which was shot using a shutter speed of 1/8 sec. To capture motion blur, set you camera's shutter speed to a slow speed like 1/15 sec or slower and pan the camera following the subject in motion. Of course make sure your image is exposed correctly by selecting an appropriate f-stop. Different shutter speed settings will yield different blur effects. If shooting at night try using a flash so as to "freeze" the subject with motion blur all around it.

                                                                                                 (Nikon D2H with 12-24mm f4 AFD Nikkor ISO200)

                                                                         Polar Tulips

                                                                             ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

03.16.14: The season of Spring means tons of colorful flowers which can be photographed and the resulting images can be turned into cool "Polar" masterpieces.

                                                                Underwater Parking?

                                                                                       ©2014 Chip Feise/CFLP

03.10.14: Here is a simple image straight from the imagination using PhotoShop 7 to create the "artificial" background and 2 photographic images to complete the foreground. Again, using old software & an old computer didn't prevent a cool image from being created. Use what you have!

                                                                                          (Nikon D2H + 60mmf2.8 MicroNikkor AFD ISO200)

                                                             Bold Graphic Colors...

                                                          ©2001 Chip Feise/CFLP

11.08.13: Nothing beats "bold graphic colors" in a color image. You don't need to super saturate your images in PhotoShop. Careful use of Levels may do the job nicely. These type of simple graphic images lend themselves to cool "Polar" images like the one below.

                                                                                 ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                                                       (Nikon D1 with 80-200mm f2.8 AFD Nikkor ISO200)

                                                           Bobby Parker 1937-2013

                                                                                          ©2005 Chip Feise/CFLP

11.04.13: Sad news that legendary Blues/Rock guitarist Bobby Parker* passed away on Nov 1, 2013. He was 76 years old. Bobby Parker* was straight up a world icon of Blues/Rock guitar and his motto..."You pay, I play" was priceless. You could always tell a Bobby Parker* guitar as he had the high E string taped to the back of it for a quick string change as he was always "bending" it to the breaking point during his searing lead riffs. Legend has it that his spectacular guitar work inspired a young Carlos Santana* to pick up the guitar. It is rumored that the Beatles* used one of his riffs as the opening intro in their famous song "Day Tripper*" without ever giving him credit. Thank God for Bobby Parker*. He was the best!  R.I.P. brother.

                                                                                                   (Nikon D1 with 80-200f2.8 ISO200)

                                                                  Polar Fire Hydrants

                                                                              ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

11.02.13: Strong color in an image is where its at for me. Two icons of "color" photography are Pete Turner* and Mitchell Funk*. Search their names on the internet to see why very few in the world have done color better than them.

                                                                     Polar Neon


10.09.13: Neon signs make great subjects for the polarization process. Start by shooting the original in your camera's "raw" file mode. Then when you open the file in the raw converter software increase the color saturation a lot. Import it into Photoshop and saturate the colors a bit more and then make it a "Polar" image.

                                                   (Image above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved - Nikon D2H used to capture original images)

10.06.13: Autumn leaves are starting to fall. Click here to view an op-art tribute to one of them.

                                                          Traffic Lights ala Flip-Flop

                                                                     ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

10.04.13: Woke up early one morning to a spectacular sunrise. Went out on the street and framed some traffic lights against the brilliant sky with a Nikon CoolPix E100* digital camera. Imported the file into Photoshop then adjusted the contrast/brightness, added a wee bit of saturation, and then applied my flip-flop technique to it. WOW!

                                                     Interpretations of a Park Bench...


09.30.13: Here are 2 "interpretations" of a park bench. Both images started out as simple digital captures with a Nikon CoolPix E100* digital camera. The image on the left was created by using the Flip-Flop technique. The Polarization technique and increased color saturation was used to create the image on the right. Both images present unique views of the same subject.

                                                                               (Images above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved)

                                                   New Nikon CoolPix E100 Abstracts



09.29.13: Here are new images created from the output of the Nikon CoolPix E100* digital camera. Flip-Flopping and Channel Painting techniques were used in some of the images but imagination was used in all.

                                                                       (All images above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP  All Rights Reserved)

                                                             New Polar Projects



09.22.13: Above are three new polar projects that were created by digital image files captured with a Nikon CooLPix E100* digital camera. I have received e-mails asking why I am shooting with such an "old" digital camera. The answer is simple...its output fits my vision, size requirement for web publication, & its a very cool camera to use. You don't need the latest gear to create cool images. You do need an imagination though.

                                                                             (Photos above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved)

                                                                 Abstract Mania! 


09.21.13: These images started as digital captures with a Nikon CoolPix E100* digital camera then the flip-flop process was applied to each. More examples of flip-flopping are below.

                                                                                (Images above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved)

                                                      Even More Common Flip-Flops



09.15.13: Shown above are more flip-flopped images of common items like a fire hydrant, leaf on a sidewalk, traffic cones, and a building. All images started out as digital captures from a Nikon CoolPix E100* camera.

                                                                            (All images above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved)

                                                                Common Flip-Flops 



09.06.13: Common subjects can be captured by your digital camera and then "Flip-Flopped" on a single canvas in PhotoShop to create cool abstract images. Subjects above include a broom, tires, & the front side of a vehicle which were captured at sunrise with a Nikon CoolPix E100* digital camera. If abstracts are your thing then try Flip-Flops!

                                                                             (All images above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved)

                                                                 Incubation Bubbles

                                 ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.03.13: Could this be the 21st century nursery? This image was first captured at a county fair with a Nikon D2H DSLR then flip-flopped in PhotoShop using layers.

                                                                   Channel Painting

                                                            ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

09.01.13: MAKE YOUR IMAGE YOUR OWN! Don't settle for whatever comes out of your camera. Instead use that image as a starting point & do what you have to so it truly expresses your vision. I dig neon signs but many times digital capture seems to mute their colors & glow. My solution to that problem as illustrated by the image above is to use "Channel Painting". Channel Painting is where I break down the image into its Red-Green-Blue channels in PhotoShop and using a soft brush, paint over areas that I want to be colored a certain way. I start the brush opacity at 50% so as to give a glowing color and may increase it to 100%. I usually paint with white or black but you can try other colors to see if they produce colors that you are looking for. When done painting I recombine the channels into the final RGB image. Now the image looks like what my mind saw.

Remember this...don't be afraid to manipulate the image you capture so as to make it truly yours. If your vision calls for WOW then make it insane. That is what the 21st Century is all about. No rules just cool images your way.

                                                                                              (Nikon D2H + 60mmf2.8 Micro AFD Nikkor)

                                                               The Conversation...

                                                           ©2002 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.30.13: Sometimes, straightforward capture & presentation of a subject without software manipulation is the best way to express your vision. This would hold true for Photojournalists. Other times extensive software manipulation of the image may best express your view/style or your clients needs. This would hold true for many Advertising assignments.

                                                                         ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

Don't fall into the "manipulation trap" where you feel that every image out of your camera needs extensive PhotoShop work. Unless, that is the vision/style that you are selling your clients.

Try taking a break from software manipulation and see where your eye can lead you.

                                                                                          (Nikon D100 + 20mmf2.8 AFD Nikkor ISO 800)

                                                   2013 Arlington County Fair Flip-Flops

                                                               ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                               ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

08.25.13: Above are two images that started out as fairly simple digital captures of a Ferris wheel and blow-up toys but were "flip-flopped" in PhotoShop* using "Layers". Flip-flopping is a simple technique which can yield surprising results and be done using PhotoShop*, PhotoShop Elements*, or any other image editing software that allows you to create & combine layers of images on a single canvas.

                                                                                         (Nikon D2H DSLR used for the original captures)  

                                                         2013 Arlington County Fair

08.17.13: Above are a few examples of the images captured during the 2013 Arlington County Fair* (Virginia-USA). A hand-held Nikon D2H DSLR with either 12-24mm f4 or 60mm f2.8 lenses was used to capture the digital files. The raw image files were opened in Nikon Capture 4 then imported into PhotoShop 7 and the colors were given a boost. Remember, you don't need the latest equipment or software to create cool images.

                                                                           (All images above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved)

                                           If its August then its time for the County Fair!

08.04.13: If its time for your local county fair then its time for you to get over there and capture some cool images. Early morning or late afternoon are the best times for really nice lighting but if carnival rides are your subjects then dusk is the best time to capture their brilliant colors. Try thinking "outside of the box" when it comes to shooting techniques. Use your imagination! Take the image above, a plastic magnifying glass with the center drilled out was held in front of a 28mm lens. Or try flip-flopping an image using layers in PhotoShop/PhotoShop Elements as shown below.

       Regardless of what techniques you try, remember to capture a ton of images and above all else...have fun!

                                                             (Images above ©Chip Feise/CFLP and captured with Nikon D1 & D2H digital cameras)

                                                         Just Another Polar Fantasy...

                                                           ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

07.28.13: Some photographers believe that full blown PhotoShop* and all its components is not needed today since more photo-centric software exists. I say... that belief is a result of BS marketing. I can't think of one component of PhotoShop* (any version) that I haven't used since 1998 in completing digital assignment work. Why limit yourself & your work? Get the full version of PhotoShop* and learn it well.

And don't be suckered into the new "PhotoShop in the Cloud" computing bullshit. Buy an earlier version of PhotoShop* and load it into your computer for good. Clouds are good for many important environmental functions but not for the storage or manipulation of important digital images. BTW the image above was first captured with a Nikon CoolPix E100* digital camera then manipulated in ancient PhotoShop 7*. Sorry it didn't happen in the "Cloud"!

                                                   The Greatest Photo Ever Taken...                              

                                 ©1969 NASA

07.20.13: The greatest photo ever taken by mankind was created 44 years ago today on July 20, 1969 as Neil Armstrong* & Buzz Aldrin* walked on the Moon a mere 240,000 miles from Earth. This image was shot on Kodak* film using the best camera/lens ever created by mankind...a Swedish Hasselblad* fitted with a German Carl Zeiss 50mm f4 Distagon* lens. NASA* insisted in using only the best of the best equipment so as to gain a 0% fail rate. What a great day it was for the human race and for photography!

Sadly today we are so wrapped up in mega-pixels, software apps and other non essential bullshit that we haven't had time to produce really great images only cheap mediocre ones which even Photoshop* can't fix.

Throw the computer/tablet out the window, trash Instagram* & other like apps, stomp the cell phone camera to dust, learn photography and get the hell out there and start shooting great images again. No excuses...get busy!



                                                           Check out some cool images in these 2 sections!

                                      You can create images like these using PhotoShop* or Photoshop Elements*.

                                              "Let It Snow... Let It Snow... Let It Snow..."                              

                                                            ©2003 Chip Feise/CFLP

06.29.13: With temperatures reaching 90+ degrees this past week in Washington DC, its nice to remember a cooler season.

                                                                                            (Nikon D1 + 20mmf2.8 AFD Nikkor ISO 200)

                                         Way Back Before Digital...A Good Bedtime Story!

                                                              ©1980 Chip Feise

06.07.13: People who have seen the above image have asked me how I created it in Photoshop. Well guess what, there was no Photoshop in 1980 just film cameras and pros who had mastered their use and who possessed imagination. You know, the "Right Stuff".

The above image was produced for an Advertising Agency using a pin registered Nikon F2 camera, Kodak's Ecktachrome Tungsten 160 film, a copy stand with a pin registered "compound table", Kodak Kodalith film masks both positive & negative, multiple exposures on the same piece of film and a whole lot of pre visualization & imagination.

Imagine back then that you could be creative and successfully complete paid assignments without digital cameras, software, or even a computer. Holy Cow how did we ever survive without any of this crap? 

I tell you how...we knew our photographic tools & the photographic process extremely well. Most of today's so called professional photographers don't know squat about photography and have the attitude that they don't need to because they are "Artists" and believe that an image only lasts in importance for a very short time in "social media" and then its irrelevant like today's reality TV "stars". No wonder pro photographers are held in such contempt these days and assignment fees have gone into a death spiral. Ha, Ha, Ha, what a bunch of dam fools! 

Oh and don't get me started on those people who think that cell phone capture + "The Cloud" = creative professional photography. That is a "Horror Story"!             

                                                                   Early Digital Capture

                                                               ©1998 Chip Feise/CFLP

05.31.13: The image above is not only an example of early digital photography but also how simple lighting/color can create a salable commercial image. The image was captured with a Kodak DCS 120 digital camera ( 1MP interpolated). A simple "outdoor" spotlight covered with a red gel was used to the left of the keyboard while a penlight flashlight highlighted the "J" key. An early version of PhotoShop was used to soften the image around the "J" key. So remember keep it simple and use your imagination!

                                                               Fair Ride Flip-Flops

05.19.13: Summertime activities in the U.S. include visiting local county/state fairs. Fair rides especially photographed at dusk/night make excellent images that can be "Flip-Flopped" like crazy to create cool abstracts. Above are examples of "Flip-Flops" using images of a standard Fair ride...the Ferris Wheel. This summer be a creator not a couch potato.

                                               (All images above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP  Original images captured with a Nikon D1 digital camera)

                                            Air & Space Museum-Dulles Annex Abstract 2

                                                                ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

05.18.13: Architectural subjects make great starting points for creating "Flip-Flop" images! You can create basic "Flip-Flops" or you can flip-flop the original "Flip-Flop" as shown below. There is no limit as to what you can achieve with the "Flip-Flop" technique. Think of using this technique to create large abstract wall art for your corporate clients. 


                                                                                                                                             (Image above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP)

                                                                      CD Colors-Wow!


05.14.13: If you take a standard CD disk and light it from the back with a strong directional light (spotlight) the result will be a rainbow of saturated colors across the face of the disk. Try it sometime as its cool to see how the colors change just by moving the beam of light from left to right behind the disk.

                                         (Image above ©2003 Chip Feise/CFLP captured with a Nikon D1 digital camera & 20mmf2.8 AFD Micro Nikkor ISO 200)

                                                                   Spray Paint Magic

                                                  ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

04.20.13: Always be on the look out for interesting "spray paint-art". The above "Sad Devil-Happy Devil" artwork was found on a side support wall of Key Bridge along the tow path of the C&O Canal in the Georgetown section of Washington DC. The color & contrast were slightly enhanced using Photoshop. If you live in a major city like New York there should be plenty of this type of artwork to shoot.

                                                                                           (Nikon D2H + 12-24mmf4 AFD Nikkor   ISO 200)

                                                            2013 National Cherry Blossom Parade Celebrities


                                                        ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

              2013 Miss America Mallory Hagan       Joshua Morgan-Grand Marshall


                                                        The Washington Wizards Girls


                                              2013 Japan & U.S. Cherry Blossom Queens


                                                 Coco Jones                          Elliott Yamin


04.13.13: Above is a small selection of "celebrities" who appeared in today's 2013 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade*. They included international star and GRAMMY* winner Mýa*, The Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Joshua Morgan*, 2013 Miss America Mallory Hagan*, Disney's Coco Jones* and American Idol's Elliott Yamin*. Of course there were many other VIPs who attended including the red hot Washington Wizards Girls* & the Japanese and U.S. Cherry Blossom Queens*.

                                                        (All photos above ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP  Nikon D2H+12-24mmf4 AFD Nikkor +SB800  ISO200)

                                                                "Sexy San Francisco"

                                                               ©1980 Chip Feise/CFLP   

04.06.13: In the good ole days before computers & Photoshop we use to sandwich pieces of film together to create an image. The combo image was then re-shot with a duping camera to yield the final image.

The above image was created to illustrate the editorial concept that San Francisco was the birthplace of topless dancing in the 1960's. Carol Doda* was the first and she performed at the Condor Club* in the North Beach section of SF.

                                                                                 (Nikon F3HP + various lenses + Kodachrome 64 film)

                                                              2013 Guest Artist Series

                                                                    Lee Greenwood


03.10.13: Country music legend and GRAMMY* winner Lee Greenwood* performed some of his many memorable songs along with the multi talented United States Air Force Band* & Singing Sergeants* this afternoon at DAR Constitution Hall* in Washington DC. 

Selection after selection was greeted with standing ovations from the enthusiastic audience. No wonder, as Lee has been twice awarded CMA's Male Vocalist of the Year*, CMA's Song of the Year* and a Grammy* during his long career. What a great concert to end the 2013 Guest Artist Series*!



                                                               (All photos ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP -  Nikon D300 with 60mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor or 12-24mm f4 Nikkor ISO 1600)

                                                                                                                                                        More pics here...

                                                             2013 Guest Artist Series

                                                                        The Rogues


02.24.13: International Celtic Band superstars, The Rogues* along with the highly acclaimed United States Air Force Band* electrified the house at DAR Constitution Hall* in Washington DC this afternoon. Mixing the worlds of Celtic, rock, folk, pop, and classical music, The Rogues* have been in constant demand all over the world. Just this year (2013) they will be touring Asia and Europe. Their latest album "3LBS. of RAGE"* has already been called the best Celtic Rock CD recorded this year. Check it out!



                                                   (All photos ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP -  Nikon D2H with 60mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor or 12-24mm f4 Nikkor ISO 800)

                                                                                                                                                       More pics here...

                                                               2013 Guest Artist Series

                                                                    Melina León                           Paquito D'Rivera

                                                       ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP 

02.10.13:  Superstar Latin singer & actress Melina León* together with eleven time GRAMMY* winner Paquito D'Rivera* performed a spectacular set this afternoon with the multi talented U.S. Air Force's Airmen Of Note* and Concert Band* at DAR Constitution Hall* in Washington DC. The stratospheric energy level generated by the performers had the audience dancing in the aisles by concerts end. Wow!



This was the first concert in the 2013 Guest Artist Series* which is held every year by the United States Air Force Band* in Washington DC. The concerts are free to the public and feature both national and international superstar artists. Held on select Sundays, these concerts start at 3pm.


                                               (All photos ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP -  Nikon D2H  with 60mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor or 12-24mm f4 Nikkor ISO 800)

                                                                                                                                                    More pics here...


                                                                               ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

01.26.13: Here is an example of image creation using photography, imagination plus a few simple tools from Photoshop to create the final image. Using this type of workflow the question becomes, are you a photographer in the traditional sense or an image creator using photography as one of many tools to achieve your final goal. 

Some critics may claim that this is not "real Photography" shot by a photographer but manipulated graphics created by a graphic artist. But I say perhaps we should change the title "Photographer" to "Image Creator" now that we are over 15 years into digital capture. What do you think?

BTW...the above image started as a digital capture of window blinds using a Nikon CoolPix E100 camera.

                                                            Conceptual Photography 101

                                                                                 ©2013 Chip Feise/CFLP

01.22.13: So an art director calls you up and asks  you to create an image depicting conflict within a group. She wants the final image to be bold, graphic and have only a couple of strong colors. And...she wants you to use ordinary kitchen utensils. WOW its time for some imagination & conceptual photography!

Far fetched for an assignment? No, not at all coming from an Advertising Agency. So you decide to use forks as the subject. You carefully arrange them on a piece of translucent white Plexiglas placing a strobe head underneath the Plexiglas with a blue gel partially covering the strobe head. You expose the image so the forks are silhouettes.

You then import the image into Photoshop and add the red glow. Voile a conceptual image of "conflict within a group" is created. 

Below is another conceptual image created in 2004 to depict the concept of "the individual."

                                                                        ©2004 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                    Conceptual photography is the doorway to imagination. Try it sometime!

                                              Oliver Mtukudzi...The Godfather of Afropop!


01.12.13: Washington DC has seen & loved the "Godfather of Soul"...James Brown*, the "Godfather of Go Go"...Chuck Brown* and once again the "Godfather of Afropop"...Oliver Mtukudzi* who was in town performing this past Jan 11 at the Atlas Performing Arts Center* with Black Spirits*. It is interesting to note that Oliver is the #1 recording artist/songwriter in Zimbabwe and has performed his "Tuku Music" all over the world. If you get a chance to see him live then do it!

                                                              ( Above photos ©2006 Chip Feise/CFLP Nikon D1 with 80-200mmf2.8 AFD Nikkor ISO 800 )

                                                                     Winter Ice Abstract

                                                                   ©2000 Chip Feise/CFLP

12/10/12: Now that many areas of the US are experiencing freezing temperatures, be on the look out for ice bubbles on parking lot surfaces. Macro shots make cool abstracts. And... asphalt makes for a darker background than does concrete. Hence the ice bubbles look better. For safety, make sure you are not in the way of moving vehicles. 

                                                                                   (Nikon D1with 60mmf2.8 AFD Micro Nikkor ISO 200)

                                                                  Cyber Aliens - 2 Heads

                                                    ©2003 Chip Feise/CFLP


11/23/12: The above image was formed in my imagination when I saw a "Head Statute " in an eye doctor's office, back in 2003. 

I went ahead using a digital camera with on camera flash to capture it. Back at the computer I decided I needed a keyboard for the background so I shot mine with color-gelled flashes. I then combined the 2 images and tweaked the final result using PhotoShop 7. Thus the image "Cyber Aliens" was created.

Its great to own the latest mega-pixel cameras, computers and software but without imagination what can you achieve?

                                                                  Engine Company 2  

09/09/12: Its cool to see a DC Fire House  show their pride in being located in the "Chinatown" section of Washington DC. Bravo to Engine Company 2!

                                                       (Image©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP Nikon D2H + 12-24mm f4 AFD Nikkor ISO 200)

                                           Retro Digital...The Nikon Cool Pix 100 (E100)



08/12/12: The Nikon CoolPix 100 (E100) digital camera was Nikon's first digital camera and was a whopping 0.3 Mega pixels. The camera was built around a PCMA card with internal memory storage. On "Fine" mode one could capture 20 images and 40 images were possible in "Normal" mode. All images measure 512 X 480 pixels which makes them just ok for web display.  So in this day of 12-36MP cameras why would anyone want to bother with this camera? 

That is the question I wanted to answer so I took one to cover the 2012 Arlington County Fair (Arlington Virginia). Overall the camera produces images that need skilled Photoshop editing to look good. And it certainly does have shooting limitations. But, the camera is fun to shoot and has a "retro digital" cool factor. Plus the limited number of images you can capture will hopefully make you select & frame your subjects more carefully. 

The only major downside is that you need a computer that takes a PCMA card. Thank goodness I still have my 1998 Compaq laptop with Windows 95 as it has 2 PCMA slots so downloading files from the camera is not a problem.

So if you are ever at a yard sale and see this camera or any other early digital camera for sale I would recommend you buy it and see what you can accomplish with it. And remember...imagination is more important than mega pixels.

                                                         (All images above ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP All Rights Reserved)

                                             RIP...Chuck Brown "The Godfather of Go-Go"


05/18/12: This past week Chuck Brown* the Godfather of Go Go* music passed away in Baltimore Maryland (USA). Chuck is pictured above wearing his trademark "CHUCK" belt buckle while performing in 2002. Chuck was an original artist who brought his high energy sound to the global stage. As the creator of Go-Go music he is already being missed by legions of fans as well as musicians from around the world. RIP !

                                                                 (All photos above ©2002 Chip Feise/CFLP Nikon D1 + 80-200mm f2.8 Nikkor  ISO200)

                                  2012 National Cherry Blossom Parade Celebrities

04/14/12: Celebrities were more plentiful than cherry blossoms at this year's parade. Below is a sampling of who attended.

                                                                 Marie Osmond


                                                     Katie Couric & Debbie Gibson

                                                                   ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                                  Kristi Yamaguchi 

                                                                  ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                                       Alex Trebek

                                                       ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                      Alison Starling & Leon Harris of ABC - WJLA TV 7

                                                               ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                             Ronald McDonald & Laura Kaeppeler - Miss America 2012

                                              ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                              R&B Legends...Joe Blunt, Joe Coleman, & Glenn Leonard

                                              ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                          Miss Rodeo Virginia 2012 - Lindsey Harper

                                                 ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                          2012 Japan & U.S. Cherry Blossom Queens

                                                      ©2012 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                                    (All photos Nikon D2H+12-24mm f4 AFD Nikkor+SB800 ISO200)

                      "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein*


You don't need more mega pixels-higher ISO-tons of image software, built in HD video, etc in order to produce cool images! You just need to use your imagination. Ever heard of that?? Camera manufactures and software engineers hope not otherwise they couldn't sell you all the junk they do.

The above images were captured by the "ancient" Nikon Cool Pix E100 digital camera which was introduced over 10 years ago. The images were edited in a "dinosaur" version of PhotoShop 7 running on an old Sony Vaio computer with OS of Windows XP. Imagination trumps everything else every time.

                                                                    Doc Severinsen


11/18/11: Performing with the multi talented Airmen of Note* (premier jazz ensemble of the United States Air Force), legendary trumpeter Doc Severinsen* played to a SRO house at Lisner Auditorium - George Washington University* in Washington DC. As you may remember, Doc was the bandleader for The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson * for all thirty years (1962-1992). Currently, Doc's calendar is booked solid as he and his band travel extensively showcasing his talents on the trumpet.


                                                                              (Photos above ©2011 Chip Feise/CFLP...Nikon D2H + 60mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor @ ISO 800)

                                                                     The Dixie Cups*


07/11: The Dixie Cups*, a Pop girl trio from New Orleans whose 1964 smash hit..."Chapel of Love"* sold over a million records, performed to enthusiastic crowds during the second week of the 2011 Smithsonian Folk Life Festival* in Washington DC. The Dixie Cups* today, as pictured above LtoR, are Rosa Lee Hawkins*, Athelgra Neville*, and Barbara Ann Hawkins*. Both Rosa Lee and Barbara Ann are original members and sisters too.


                                                                                                (Nikon D2H 60mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor ISO 800)

                                          "Love Is like a Heat Wave"...Miss Martha Reeves !


07/01/11: This evening, world renown superstar of R&B/POP music, Miss Martha Reeves*, performed a thrilling set of her most famous hits (Heat Wave - No Where To Run - Dancing In The Streets) to a SRO crowd at the 2011 Smithsonian Folk life Festival* in Washington DC. What a spectacular performance it was!


And if that wasn't cool enough, performing earlier on the very same stage was legendary Funk Brothers* guitarist...Eddie Willis Jr*.


                                                                (All photos©2011 Chip Feise/CFLP - Nikon D2H with 60mmf2.8 Micro Nikkor ISO 800)

                                      US Capitol to Washington Monument...Polarized! 

The above "Polar Project" started as a 180 panorama whose individual frames were captured with a Kodak 14NX digital camera. A mirror combo was created on a white canvas to which the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop was applied. To see more examples of Polar Projects, click on the Polar Projects banner below.


                                                                           (Image above©2010 Chip Feise/CFLP  All Rights Reserved)                                


                  Click on the banner above to see all the images captured during & after both historical blizzards.

                                                                         "Edgewood To The Edge Of The World"


               Washington DC's largest art mural was created. Click on the pano above to view the artists that created it !

                                                                            World War II Memorial-Washington DC

                  WWIIMemPano.jpg (117637 bytes)©2006 CFLP

                          A Nikon D1 with 20mmf2.8 Nikkor was used to shoot vertical images that were stitched together in PhotoShop TM. The color was intensified by" CFLP Channel Painting".

                                       FutureZoneBanner.jpg (49088 bytes)

                                    Digital Capture + Human Imagination = Future Zone

                                      Mirror Combos...bizarre images using the Nikon Cool Pix 100 camera.


                                                                       United We Stand Now And Forever !

                                                        CapMemorial1.jpg (80779 bytes) ©Sept 12, 2001 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                                                                                                            (Nikon D1/20mmf2.8 Nikkor ISO800)

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